Earth, water, fire, air.


It is in the German winter sky that I learned to shine a long silence.  I have experienced a new, clear, cool, empty space and new freedom, sympathizing with Batsler‘s remarks, „Nothing im- plies a feeling of space as silent as a space.“  Winter sky and silence in the forest ...  At the very beginning I started to look at the forest at a very distant foot. The drawings at that time were the exterior sha- pes of the forest, consisting of long, short lines.  As Ruskin said, „A faithful narrative of the truth of visual na- ture is a necessary process to reach the invisible truth,“ I was constantly drawing to express the nature and the space in front of me.  In the process, I gradually became desperate for new images and stepped toward the forest one step at a time.  Suddenly I entered the middle of the forest, and the gaze in front of me was toward the sky.  The wind blows, the leaves shake, and the water droplets are scattered and blown away.  Amidst the ambiguous chaos of visible and invisible things, I sneak into this space.  And slowly, the secret images of my inner world are engraved on the teeth of these dense trees. 






Silence Forest 3

oil on canvas, 180x140 cm


Black forest 1

porcelain, 63x43X11 CM, 2019



white FOREST 1

porcelain, 63X43x11 CM, 2019



black FOREST 

porcelain, 26,5X26,5x11 CM, 2019


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