Reflection 2019


Arbeitsprozess: Bisque-fired glaze When we learn something, we can't create anything new because we're only thinking about it in that category. So to create something new, I flexibly observe mistakes and unexpected things and use them. For example, Jackson Pollock spread out a large canvas on the floor, circling everywhere, dripping paint over the canvas and pouring it all over his body. He discovered new and creative ways to express his art through accidental effects.I also developed my own glaze expressive technique through mistakes and unexpected things that happen in the studio. Before, I used to spray glaze on the surface of the object. And then I saw the glaze fall on the plasterboard and harden, and as I watched it, I was able to think flexibly. And then I thought, for a new expression of glaze, that I could no longer use liquid glaze, but I could use dry glaze or Bisque-fired glaze to get my own new glaze surface effect. I like to plan beforehand when I have a project in mind, but one can discover new things by accident during the execution of said project. For this reason I’m not only looking forward to working hard on my ideas, but I’m also eager to observe the whole situation around me while on it, open to unexpected pieces of inspiration.


reflexion vh

steinzeug, 1280°C, 37x36x7 cm



reflexion gb

steinzeug, 1280°C, 37x36x7 cm



reflexion wt

steinzeug, 1280°C, 37x36x7 cm


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